2011. július 11., hétfő

About us

We are a Hungarian national socialist straight edge patriots. We think straight edge is the clean way of life and the best way to live! Nowadays, if you walk down the streets, you see lazy youngs, who are smoking, take drugs, you can also see bitches, a lot of drunk people, but we want to rise from this generation, and we support living without drugs, cigarette and alcolhol. We think that between our ns comrades the so called hedonist lifestyle is increasing, but we think, that a young national socialists have to do sports, learn and read. So the aim of the orgianistaion is to collect the same national socilist sxe youngs in the whole country and also in the territory of the country before the Trianon treaty. Trianon was a tragedy for Hungary but we think chauvinist temper to the neighbouring countrys is not hungarian but also not romanian or serbian interest but zionist. We support white unity between anti-chauvinist organisations. In Hungary there are older straight edges, who support the organisation. The most well-known hungarian straight edge hardcore music band is the Fehér törvény (White law). Petrovszky Attila, who a promiment MMA fighter is also live this way of life since long years. 

P.  Krisztián - Ns Straight Edge Hungary


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